Sayadi zadeh’s Family has come a long way since 1920 from its humble beginning as a trading firm in Iran. In 2009, we reached perhaps our most significant milestone.

Iranian Dates

The largest ever investment by a multinational firm in Iran towards moving the consumer goods sector forward followed lengthy discussions between our management teams. During this time we came to know the market potential, consumer taste, their needs and their requirements and started GSS food industry in 2005. The GSS food Industries Company is not the largest Iranian Dates exporter, dates trader or Dates wholesaler in Iran, but is based on producing premium products incorporating our unique date palm tree palm farms and gardens. We are proud of the efficiency of the company’s operations and the quality of our people – two traits I believe we have at GSS Industries. Moreover, we learned that the ethics of our company are rooted in those same values and we focus on offering quality products.


In addition, we greatly admire The GSS food industry Company’s dedication to the environment and the communities it serves.


mazafati dates2014 was a landmark year for GSS Food Industries and as Chairman, I am deeply proud of the company’s ongoing success. Retaining management of the company will help position of our company for future growth and propel GSS Food Industries from a regional powerhouse to an International player. We have ambitious plans for the near future, supported by significant investments across our business, from manufacturing and technology to our distribution systems, brand development innovation and communication, as well as investment in our people, customers and the community. I am confident we have in place the correct strategy to shape the business into the new era of our operations.

We thank our customers for their support and loyalty during our long journey, and we look forward to many more years filled with great relationships and success.