Mazafati Date (Persian: مضافتی‎; also called or mozafati and bam date) one of the different kinds of Iranian Date fruit. This kind of Date because of having high moisture is not used as nuts. The Date can be considered as the most delicious kind of Date fruits in the world.

Mazafati Date is used as Rotab and there is no one who feels bad after eating the Date. The Date has an attractive black color , its moisture depending on harvest time and planting area is between 15% to 35% and the size of Mazafati Date is between 5/2 to 5/4 cm.

The most desirable and delicious kind of Mazafati Date is grown in southern Iranian city of Bam which has meaty and succulent flesh. Other Iranian cities that have suitable condition for planting are Jiroft and Kahnuj in Kerman province and Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province.The ripe Mazafati Date has dark purple tends to black color and has soft texture!

mazafati dates in bam iran

mazafati dates in bam iran

Mazafati Date just like other kinds of Date fruit is replete of health benefits. The Date is loaded with needed daily energy and is rich of vitamin B which is beneficial for strengthen the nerves , iron and phosphorous that have direct influence on treatment of Anemia and strengthen the memory and has high amount of potassium and vitamin A in order to prevent indigestion and skin health.

Moreover, Mazafati Date is replete of fiber which is beneficial for those who are suffered from constipation and excess acid in the stomach and actually the Date is used as laxative food!The provided research has shown that reducing moisture of Mazafati Date by artificial (industrial) drying is possible and eliminate the need for cold storage building.

The Date should be kept in refrigerator and The main internal markets of Mazafati Date are located in Tehran province and constructing cold storage building in Date planting areas can have positive effect on increasing productions.